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We are pleased to announce that the 13.08.2019 We have become part
our long-standing technology partner Webglobe - yegon.

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  • Pavol Trajlínek, mercdesign.eu


    You have very rychli :) super dakujem.


  • Peter Zavacky, www.MUDrci.sk


    Hello, to bolo naozaj jednoduché a rýchle :)


  • Martin Bednarik


    Uz vsetko funguje ako ma, dakujem vam velmi pekne za vasu trpezlivost a pomoc.


  • Ing. Martin Bača

    "Dobry den, ide to vyborne, thank you! Skvelý support."

  • M. Vindiš

    "Zas a znovu Vám veľmi pekne ďakujem. Funguje to :)"

  • Martin O.

    "Dakujem, kiezby aj ine sluzby fungovali tak dobre. Pekny den prajem."

  • Ivana U.

    "Hello, ste skvelý. Ďakujem veľmi pekne pekne za pomoc :-)"

  • Matúš Kollár

    "Ďakujem veľmi pekne hlavne za pomoc cez víkend."

  • Peter Nyergeš

    "Thank nice. Your support for the customer does not have an error. "

  • Ing. Robert Kočiš, Indevion s. r. the.

    "If something has changed in the future, thus re-register with you, the service I was completely satisfied."

  • Lubo M.

    "Answers your staff helpdesk is faster than my question which law pisem on line (I mean it literally). My gifts."

  • George Suba

    "Personally, I am with you as a company wholly enthusiastic. You are probably the first company which meets the requirements as is given out (past svk)."

  • Jaroslav Ivanov, ModelKit, s.r.o.

    "Many thanks for your help and at this late hour, sometimes you go to sleep or beer?"

  • Klára Bothová, Photo-klarisz.com

    "Extremely helpful. All questions will respond almost immediately after working hours -aj. :-)"

  • Michal Dragan, Chilli Business Solutions, s. r. the.

    "Thank Premium Hosting for help with SSL and excellent helpdesk :)"

  • Lubomir Dóci, PSD Coding

    "I would like to write some information on the service itself, but difficult to describe something, which simply works."

  • Ing. Peter Dávidik, Hardware.sk

    "As regards services, yet I personally was no failure and not some other problem in the services provided."

  • Mgr. Peter Adamčík

    "Thank you very much, such an early response did not expect, solve the problem, let alone, everything after altering okay."

  • Bc. Vladimír Rejholec, Prime Media, s.r.o.

    "What more do you want? Willing and urgent of all equipment, what you need, a great price."

  • Marek, BiznisBlog.sk

    "The helpful staff, which always finds a solution and employees, on whom sit over optimizing your site even on the third morning."

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