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Ako si nastaviť e-mail v iPhone


Ako si nastaviť e-mail v iPhone

Keďže je e-mail pre mnoho z Vás (i nás) základný pracovný nástroj, rozhodli sme sa pripraviť jednoduchý návod, ako si e-mailové konto prevádzkované u nás nastaviť v iPhone.

To add an e-mail account, it must open the "Settings", “Mail, contacts, Calendars ", then select "Add Account” a choice of "different".

It will appear as the sender's name, If you send someone an e-mail
E-mail: full e-mail address clipboard, that you created in WebPanel-i
Password: password, you chose when creating the mailbox
Description: Quick description Account, eg. "Personal e-mail” or "working e-mail”



On the next screen, we need to fill server incoming and outgoing mail.

Host: mail.premiumhosting.sk or mail.vasa_domena.sk
Less: login to the e-mail account, you created in Webpanel-i
Password: password to the e-mail account, you created in Webpaneli-i

It is also necessary to fill server outbox, otherwise not be able to send mail correctly.




After confirming the phone test, the settings are correct and your e-mail account is added to the account list. Then just enough to run a mail client and try, if everything is functional. If there was any problem, contact us, 'm happy to help.


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