Aký je to neobmedzený webhosting?


Aký je to neobmedzený webhosting?

Mnoho záujemcov, ktorí uvažujú o našom neobmedzenom webhostingu sa nás často pýta, či je tento webhosting skutočne neobmedzený. Bolo by jednoduché zaplatiť si tento produkt za pár desiatok EUR ročne a vytvoriť si tak sklad na zálohovanie stoviek GB dát. Je to možné a je tento webhosting skutočne neobmedzený?

As part of our services we provide many things Unlimited, everyone must be clear, I have to pay certain limits. Otherwise, this would, that this package will be abused for backup and storage of data, and an excessive number of time would be necessary to intervene.


Unlimited will thus provide our services within the rules FUP (Fair Use Policy), which means, that we are not going in any case limited, pokiaľ naša služba nebude zneužívaná.

What happens, Start hosting unlimited use inappropriately?

We definitely will not block, data or you nezmažeme. We will contact you and agree the way forward.

Why we restrict Unlimited Web Hosting?

In order to webhosting work and satisfied customers, Some variables must carefully guard. The reason is none other, ako snaha udržať všetky naše služby plne funkčné pre našich zákazníkov. Je samozrejme skutočne ťažké určiť, which is evaluated as abuse services, In general it can be said, that for us to use this product people, who use 2 GB space but also people, who are with us more than 20 GB e-mail. If you were going to use a reputable service (store the files associated with the web, which runs on the domain and do not create a disproportionate advances), everything will be fine.

unlimited webhosting It is all about freedom – you do not have to deal with the future, how much space you need, what product to choose, etc.. 99% clients reaches the limit, when we will have to find a warning, that webhosting used inappropriately.


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