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Hosting News – October (10/2014)


Hosting News – October (10/2014)

In October, we prepared several news, that will make use of our services. The changes relate mainly to better prices domains, well as technical matters – believe, that delight.


Permanent price reductions .com domain
Po novom u nás zaregistrujete .sk doménu za 11.9€ VAT per year. No action or reklamština, at this price you register a domain without web hosting, i also extend more years. The only requirement is, that domain must be registered after the expiry 14. 10. 2014.

Special Price for .EU domain registration
While still underway's stock price to register a .eu domain – if you buy webhosting the .eu domain by the end of November, .EU domain registration for pay! If you are only interested in without registration webhosting-in, doménu Vám zaregistrujeme len za 1€ without VAT!

Increases safety – HTTPS encrypted on our website
Already a few days you may notice a green lock icon in the address of your site in your browser, which means, we use the SSL certificate from a certificate authority and all communication, data input, etc.. between you and our the web is encrypted and secure.

Department e-mails outside of our network
On 23. 10. 2014 unexpected failure occurred, which lasted nearly an hour. Problém nastal v datacentre GTS, a. s., where we have positioned our infrastructure. It was not a standard outage, But some of the networks we have not worked. It has tapped into this large number of sites, operating in the SR, GTS data center because it uses even more (competitive) companies. Problems of third parties not prevent (even if the data center is among the best in Slovakia) and so we decided to move our emails outside of us. Thanks to this we will be with you in case similar situations be able to communicate actively.

Results of the survey
Last month we asked you to complete a short questionnaire, which would help us to find out, What services do you need and expose weaknesses. Very pleased, our service and quality support rate it as average. We value your opinion, and whereas in the vast majority of responses you miss multihosting invoices and payment options online, The options are preparing to launch later this year!

There also develop and test the transition to RAID10, enabling the accelerated IO (disk operations) up to double.


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