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Zabbix – solution of monitoring servers


Zabbix – solution of monitoring servers

One of the aspects of providing web hosting for end customers is the monitoring and preventing problems with infrastructure (servers). There are many tools to monitor resource (performance monitoring), to one of these, Zabbix (which we use i), today we look.

The basic functionality consists of data collection, alerts (e-mail,it, SMS, Jabber), Retention (for later analysis of the problem is) the vizualizácie (view statistics in graphs). Zabbix is cross-platform and hence works on our servers with FreeBSD, but also eg on Windows, Solaris, AIX atď, ie the administrator can monitor and network servers though, that different parts of the network are working on different OS.

Unless you manage a larger number of servers, system allows for drawing network maps (Architecture siete) and praises the, that can monitor up to 100 000 equipment (servers) simultaneously in its basic configuration (including support for IPv6).

In addition to monitoring the HW-resources such as CPU (Processor), RAM (Memory), HDD (Disc), i can monitor services and report on these reports – eg. vysoký počet pripojených klientov na server a podobne. The tracking frequency resources can be configured, Thus, you can monitor CPU usage every 30 seconds and monitoring disk usage set to track each hour.


 Monitoring procesoru v serveri avalon

Event manager – overview of events

Zabbix (except us) uses as many large corporations, Mention eg. French Orange, nemecký T-Systems, XS4ALL (a large telecommunications company in the Netherlands) a mnoho ďalších. Výhodou tohto systému je i cena,

Zabbix is ??free and is open source, What does not change the quality of its – business model is precisely to assist the implementation of enterprise solutions, poskytovaní supportu a trainingoch (training). The system is provided with a comprehensive manual in PDF (more than 300 parties).

It is worth mentioning other, similar instruments, eg. Nagios, Cricket, Cacti or Zenoss.

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