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We are pleased to announce that the 13.08.2019 We have become part
our long-standing technology partner Webglobe - yegon.

We have launched PHP7,sk


We have launched PHP7,sk

From 1.4. 2016 It can be used on our web host PHP7. The advantage of the new PHP It is mainly speed, According to the developers can transition to PHP7 increase the speed and responsiveness to the site 50%. rate of new PHP influenced many changes – many obsolete functionality has been removed, obsolete Zend Framework has been rewritten to PHP Next_generation a podobne.

Developers of the Zend-prepared and with a nice infographic, which compares the performance of the most widely used CMS like Magento, Drupal, WordPress to the latest news PHP7 with older versions PHP. As can be seen, Magento in their tests speeded up to three times, Drupal 8 running up to 72% faster, WordPress runs almost twice as fast.



to change PHP the current version PHP7 superfast, just sign in WebPanel-in a vybrať si novú verziu.  Zmenu môžete vykonať v sekcii Web -> PHP settings -> PHP version. The change is effective 5 minutes after confirmation.


The disadvantage is that the new PHP7, that they are currently not yet all CMS systems fully compatible and ready to move to PHP7. WordPress is popular with compatible PHP7, as well as the most popular plugins for this system.


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