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We are pleased to announce that the 13.08.2019 We have become part
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Closure aid Horde webmail 21.02.2015

Closure aid Horde webmail

The date 31. 3. 2015 the planned abolition Horde webmail-in (www.horde.sk) because of the ending of support from developers. The change applies only to the elimination of the possibility to use Horde, Your e-mail accounts and reports shall not affect the.  Od tohto dátumu odporúčame využívať webmail Roundcube. Naviac sme globálne prešli na imap server Dovecot, which is much faster, ako doteraz používaný Courier IMAP Server.

RoundCube webmail >>



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Webmail 23.05.2013


Webmail slúži na prístup k Vašej pošte cez webový prehliadač.

http://www.premiumhosting.sk/webmail/ (roundcube)

K Webmailu môžete pristupovať aj cez www.[nazovvasejdomeny.sk]/webmail.

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