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Registrácia .SK domén sa tento rok zmení 11.01.2016

Registrácia .SK domén sa tento rok zmení

Správca slovenskej národnej domény SK-NIC, a. s. oznámil 8. 1. 2016 pripravované zmeny v systéme registrácie .sk domén. Návrh nových pravidiel bol predstavený na decembrovom zasadnutí Komisie pre správu národnej domény .sk, momentálne prebieha diskusia o pravidlách s registrátormi.



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SK-NIC, a.s. began to use protection against speculators 20.08.2013

SK-NIC, a.s. began to use protection against speculators

Manager TLD .sk, Company SK-NIC, a.s., Last week began exercising their rights references in the operation .sk domains.

The administrator Slovak top level domain .com company SK-NIC began to actively pursue protection against defaulters, registrar of the domain registrant without, for them to then pay an annual fee.

Server DSL.sk after information indicating such a measure confirmed Patrik Krauspe, Director SK-NIC.

Many registrars have previously registered domain often with no real intention to pay for them, in order to keep them longer period without payment using various time limits of the rules. The aim of these registrars may be to try to sell the domain and / or test their effectiveness on parking.

Recently, according Krauspe number of registered domains and unpaid has greatly increased.

The company SK-NIC started Protection, in which payers do not allow, inter alia, to register a new domain, applied in May. Rules of domain.sk impose specific conditions and mechanism for such a process, registrars not paying but according Krauspe breach of its obligations and rules and then allow to apply such protection.

"Under Article 4.15 Rules SK-NIC is entitled to temporarily disable access to records registrar domains (including the creation of new records), and in the case of, the registrar failed to fulfill its obligations under the Rules. According to Article 4.9 Rules registrar is obliged to pay the price for access to the record management domain for the purpose of each domain. Price is paid in advance for one year from the beginning of the technical operation of the domain,” explains foothold in the Rules Krauspe.

"On the basis of prescribed rules, we introduced System, which, on the basis of objective criteria evaluated, or the registrar fulfills its obligations and if it does not, blocked his access to the registration of new domains,” added.

The exact criteria used and given, that have not yet evaluated and probably slightly change, Krauspe yet does not want to disclose.

Deployment of protection against defaulters in the current period, even when the period for domains registered prior to applying, causes a reduction in the total number of registered domains. "For example, registrar TYBO-0003 holds less than 3000 Domain, at the time of system it was more than 20 thousands of domains,” said Krauspe.

In recent days, the number of registered domains again below 300 thousands of yesterday and the day was registered 299 009 .sk domain. The total number of registered domain includes inactive domain negenerované to Zone Advertisers and actively unpaid domain, active active 285.7 thousand.

Number of active domains, despite reducing the total number is still growing according Krauspe.



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