Configuration changes - WordPress and Joomla


Configuration changes - WordPress and Joomla

On 26.8.2013 We had extremely high increase in demand for our infrastructure, this could be regarded asDDoS attack (distributed attack, the enormous number of places – it is the order of thousands of PC, that are intermittently connected and are designed to overload the services and their subsequent failure).

The attack was directed at all sites, which are operated with us and uses WordPress and Joomla CMS, specifically it was an attempt to get random combinations of passwords to these systems. Attack was recorded in its infancy, making not to limit service disruptions or, However, we had to take operational measures, which information is given below.


premiumhosting-ddosgraph of load 26.8.2013

Changes effective from 26.8.2013:

  • we limit access to the Administrations CMS Joomla (domena.tld / administrator) a CMS WordPress (domena.tld/wp-admin) z IP adries (computers), which are outside the territory of the Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Austria.
  • IP address is obtained using GeoIP, unless you are connecting to a need to modify your site and from other countries, contact us, manually add your IP address in the exceptions (SetEnvIf GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE US AllowCountry).
  • Site functionality does this change have any impact, It is solely about blocking access to Administrations.

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