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We are pleased to announce that the 13.08.2019 We have become part
our long-standing technology partner Webglobe - yegon.

Administration services

All the services you can set yourself 24 hours a day using WebPanel, which is localized into English and German.

Webpanel is available at https://www.webpanel.sk, access to it is secured with a valid SSL certificate.

The tool allows Webpanel:

  • e-mail message (Add and edit e-mail accounts, change passwords, filter settings and management automated spam filtering, set auto response if the Out of Office, redirection settings, konfigurácia Whitelist/Blacklist, option to disable antivirus and antispam protection, adjust the allocated disk quota, prístup do webmail-u Horde a Roundcube)
  • FTP (Add and edit e-mail accounts, change passwords, option to disable access from IP addresses outside the CR / SR, adjust the allocated disk quota, prístup k FTP logom, access to webftp client net2ftp)
  • WEB (manažment CRON-u, Folder passwords, see the amount of transferred data, adjust the traffic statistics, manažment SVN, access to free service Webvizitka)
  • DNS (Full DNS records management)
  • SAFETY (management account to access WebPanel-u, IP ochrana WebPanel, authorization and management settings other domains hosted with us)

If you would like more information on how to manage your site, please Contact.

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