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Frequently Asked Questions

What is webhosting?

Webhosting is a service provided space and data transfer for publication data (particular sites).

I would like to register domain .com yourself, I do?

The siteSK-NIC, a.s. fill out the form F1 – Request for user status, to eligible registrants you give WEBG-0001 (our contractual domain registrar .sk), if you do not stamp, Your signature must be verified by a notary and then form sent to SK-NIC, a.s., P.O. BOX 49, 840 00 Bratislava 4.

After processing your application in the form of XXXX-XXXX will be sent your ID, for which you can register domains, This is sufficient to indicate for each order in the box SK-NIC identifier.

Can I register a domain though not undertake (I do not have ID)?

Yes, course.

How long does the establishment hosting?

Webhosting It is automatically activated immediately after submitting your order, If it is a new domain registration .sk, This is also registered immediately, functional is usually for about 4 hours of order. For other domains such register after it has paid the quote.

I have my website with another, but I am not satisfied, you can go to you without failure?

Yes, course, in case of transfer to us from another provider you will pay for the administrative costs, contact us.

Unlimited data transfer, possible?

Yes, in the Slovak Republic do not limit clients on good manners. In the case of, that the client periodically transmit large volumes of data (hundreds of GB), another approach to the design optimization solutions and data transmission after joint consultation.

Why not choose a cheaper webhosting?

Companies providing webhosting They must effectively use their resources to be able to provide services without downtime. There are many companies, offering lower prices for products, but usually are not sustained in the market for more than a year, This is a student project, or just the sort of effort to earn extra. End customer in many cases lose their valuable data.

I'm running the place, what to do?

Unless you are there you prepaid space, Contact us and we will find a solution. But do not worry blockage or other problem, as binge exceed quota.

I accidentally deleted the website.

Database backup can be found by logging in to FTP the backup folder (deposit for the last 7 days), a copy of the entire website can be found at FTP Your domain connection port 2121 (deposit for the last 24 hours). If you need an older backup, contact us.

What is a subdomain?

Subdomains are web site, which have their own domain name and are located in a subdirectory of your main site. We use free and unlimited subdomains, eg. If you place the folder to a website to test folder on _sub FTP, Your site will be located at www.test.vasadomena.sk.

Where can I watch traffic to my site?

Every customer has the ability to track traffic to your site at www.vasadomena.sk/access, possibly eligible for the free service Google Analytics.

How do you upload your page to the Internet?

To access can use Web interface,  or any ftp Customer (FileZilla, Transmit etc.).

My site is not in Google search engine, what to do?

Just wait for the websites indexed by Google-u, possibly your site include the indexation.

What are the addresses to access the FTP, DB, e-mailom?

All important URL See the section Important tools.

It does not work like sending e-mail via e-mail client, What am I doing wrong?

The e-mail client can set SMTP authentication, Use the username and password the same as the receiving mail.

What are the addresses of your DNS servers?

ns1.nameserver.sk, ns2.nameserver.sk, ns1.dnsbackup.net, ns2.dnsbackup.net

I want to make changes to PHP settings (register_globals, safe_mode the pod.), what should I do?

Simply log in to the administration, section in the Web -> PHP settings, you can change these settings yourself 24 Hodin this.

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