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Google Adwords

In collaboration with Google, we have prepared a unique opportunity, how to present your site or business on the Internet.

Objednajte si webhosting MINI, MAXI or profimail (v min. worth 24€) from us after payment you get a voucher of 75€ na inzerciu v sieti Google Adwords.

How it works?

Google Adwords je tzv. PPC (pay per click) system, which means, that do not pay for your ad to your site or company, but only when a potential customer clicks on your ad and comes to your site. This form of advertising is therefore effective for you.

How will my ad look like and where will be displayed ?

Your ad will appear on the content network partners and the actual Google searches. Ako príklad uvádzame inzerovanie na kľúčové slovo “autopozicovna” – potential client is looking for a car rental in the search engine Google, Prior to the results it is displayed your ad on your car rental company. Clicking on an advertisement it displays your site will be demolished and the credit for introducing Client (potential customer) on your site.

How long does my credit will last and how much will cost me one click?

It depends on the sector, in which advertising, Advertise on highly competitive keywords can cost you more than advertising for words, with a lower competition.

What happens, when the Credit?

As you leave the billing information in the Billing, the credit is exhausted, your ads will stop running. However, they can be later restarted by restoring (subscription) Credit.

What do I get insertion in Google Adwords?

In particular, customers, search engine Google is most popular search engine in the world and hardly find someone, Who has not heard about it. The online world is more than 1,8 billion people, of which more than 600 million of them regularly buys online. Advertising on Google Adwords is possible to target such. visitors to the Slovak Republic, by region, etc..

Už v Google Adwords inzerujem, I will work a gift certificate?

Gift certificates are only intended for newcomers in this system, will not work in account, which is older than 14 days.

How to create your first ad?

Go to Google Adwords a kliknite na “Začať teraz”, Enter your e-mail address, choose a password and follow the instructions.

Kliknite na “Vytvorte prvú kampaň” and follow the instructions – Adjust, how to target your ads (State, region, city, possibly targeting global), Set your daily budget.

Create an ad – Think punchy headline, Describe the benefits of your product or service.

Select the appropriate keywords, to which your ad will appear when searching.

Take your Gift Certificate – Choose your payment method and follow the instructions, enter the coupon code gift (including hyphens), later 31.12.2012.

Credit recharge of at least 25€, after his overdraft you recharge coupon through Google within five days further 75€.

In case of questions please contact us, or visit Conditions Google shares.

Promotional coupons are non-transferable and can not be sold or exchanged !

This offer is limited in time, so go ahead and use the method, Free to reach your customers and maximize your profits.

The whole process must be carried out within 31.12.2012.

Google and AdWords are trademarks of Google Inc. and are registered in the US and other countries.

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